PASS Race Procedures

     20.1  ENTRY

a. All Competitors must submit an entry application on the Official Entry Blank for the Event. The form must be completed in full and submitted by the deadline listed on the form. Entries received after the deadline may be accepted, in which case they will be eligible for prize money but not for entry deadline bonus money, if any. Acceptance of any entry is at the discretion of the PASS and/or the Promoter of the Event.

b. When a Competitor submits and Official Entry Blank, they agree to abide by the statements, releases and obligations appearing in the Official Entry Blank. If a Competitor participates in an PASS Event without having properly submitted a complete Official Entry Blank, they agree they are subject to all PASS Rules, amendments, statements, releases and obligations, as if they had properly completed and submitted an Official Entry Blank.

c. All Competitors agree that, on the occasion where they finish first, second, or third in an PASS Event, they will appear in Victory Lane, as directed by the Competition Director, and be available for interviews on the public address system and by members of the media, as directed by the Public Relations Director. Failure to do so may result in a penalty and/or fine.

d. Each car entering in the pit gate must have different drivers, register with PASS, and clear Tech. Inspection before qualifying.

e. TESTING POLICY: The PASS Super Late Models Series cut off day to test for an event is 7 full days before the event which means if the race is on a Saturday the last day a team can test without being penalized is the Friday of the week prior to the event. The only exception to this rule is if there is an open practice that is approved by the Pro All Stars Series and open to all competitors. If a team tests within 7 days of the event that team will only receive one lap in time trials and if they qualify they will start at the rear of the field for the main event. Teams will also forfeit 25 points for testing within 7 days of the event. Any driver, crew member, car owner, or crew chief from another team that is in the pits when another team is testing will also be penalized in the same way as the team that tests.


a. Prior to the Race: All cars must be approved by PASS Officials before they begin practice. If it is determined the car does not meet PASS specifications, the car may not be allowed on the track, until the appropriate corrective actions are taken and the car has been successfully re-inspected. However, the PASS Official may allow the car to compete if it is determined the deficiency will not: a) affect the competitive nature of the race; and/or b) cannot be corrected in time for qualifying; and/or c) does not affect the safety of the Event in any way. In such a circumstance where a Competitor is allowed to compete with a car which had an exception made under the allowances in this paragraph, the Official will advise the Competitor, in writing, of the deficiency. The Competitor agrees that should this deficiency not be corrected before attempting to clear inspection at any future Event, a penalty may be imposed by the Officials, and the car may be prohibited from competing in any future Event.

b.    After Qualifying (Time Trials & Heat Races): All qualified cars will proceed directly to the tech area for inspection and leave only when cleared by a PASS Official.

c. After Feature Race: Top three finishers will proceed directly from Victory Lane area to the tech area. Additional Competitors may also be directed to the tech area for inspection. Once a Competitor has been instructed to proceed to the tech area, they must proceed there directly and no one may touch the car or its components en route.

While in the inspection area all Competitors must take whatever steps are requested by PASS Officials, including teardown of the car, to facilitate the analysis of the car. The PASS has the right to confiscate any part which fails to meet PASS specifications during an Event.

All cars are subject to inspection by the PASS at any time and in any manner as deemed necessary by PASS Officials. All decisions by PASS Officials regarding such inspections are final. Failure to comply with any of the inspection procedures may result in a penalty and/or fine.


a. Qualifying Procedures: A random draw will determine the starting order for each qualifying race. Competitors will draw for qualifying position after passing Tech. The number of qualifying positions and qualifying races may vary at each event based on track size, number of entries, & Promoters agreements. This will be announced at the Drivers/Crew Chief Meeting. Past PASS Feature event winners Feature Race starting position will be greater than 10th place (or at least behind all top 3 heat positions) based on forward most Heat race qualifying position. Heat, Consi, and or “B” Main races maybe be used to gain entry into the Feature event. Past Feature winner will start behind all prior feature winners that qualify in the heat races. This qualifying procedure will be analyzed at Mid Season and readjusted if warranted by PASS.

b. An alternate qualifying method may be used based on the Promoters decision and announced in the Drivers/Crew Chiefs Meeting or on Driver Entry Forms. When the Time Trial Qualifying method is used, no heat race points awarded.

c. Qualifying Races: All qualified competitors must report to and pass Tech before being assigned Feature Race position. Failure to comply is an automatic Dis-Qualification in that event. Unqualified competitors will be assigned in additional qualifying races or last chance races based on their finishing position in their Heat Race.

d. Feature Race: The official finishing order of the heat, consi, and or “B” Main races will determine the starting order for the feature race except for past PASS Feature event winners described in Section a.

For all Events:
a. Provisional Starting Spots - PASS Events: Two PASS Series provisional spots are guaranteed per Event, if required. The provisionals will be assigned the top two Drivers highest in the current Overall PASS Point System entering the Event who have not qualified for one of the original starting positions. To be eligible, competitor must have attempted to qualify in each race assigned or obtained permission prior to that event from the PASS Tech Director or PASS Race Director. Additional provisionals may be granted by the Promoter of the Event, with the method of selection at the discretion of the Promoter.

b. Drivers getting a provisional my only swap their registered car with their spare car twice in a season to take a provisional starting spot. Drivers may use a provisional starting spot with any other teams car that failed to qualify as many times as needed. All cars used for a provisional spot must pass Tech Inspection before competing in any race event.

Race cars and drivers will proceed to the grid and park, as directed by an PASS Official, in an orderly fashion - helmet on roof - with the driver in full uniform with firesuit fully fastened. The driver will proceed to the front of their car for introductions. The drivers will then wait for their introduction, wave to the crowd, then shaking the hands of the people in the reception line. Only two crewmembers per car will be on the track with the car. Pit crews will be setting up pit areas in infield - selection of pit area according to qualifying order. Pit crewmembers on pit road to stand lined up facing the flags during the national anthems. Driver will belt in car after national anthems and wait for command to start engines. Once your driver is ready, a crewmember on the track with the car will raise one hand in the air. Absolutely no working on the racecar on the track at any time during Driver Introductions.


The top three finishers will stop on the front stretch in the designated Victory Lane area. A PASS Official will be coordinating Victory Lane. The drivers will be available for interviews over the public address system and with the media, as directed by the PASS Official. The winning team will be available for photos wearing hats as supplied by sponsors and directed by the PASS Official. Crewmembers may not touch the racecar in Victory Lane and the car, once released by an Official, must be taken directly from Victory Lane to the tech area.


PASS Officials will use flags, as set forth herein, for the purpose of providing the Competitors with information. PASS Officials may use light signals and/or two-way radio transmissions in addition to or in lieu of flags. If an PASS Official informs a driver of a decision or circumstance in a manner other than those named here, then use of a flag, light signal or radio transmission is not necessary. The procedures for use of these communication signals may vary, at the discretion of the Competition Director, if the drivers are so informed before the race.

Green Flag:

a. Start of Race: Flag Man starts the race, no racing until green flag is waved. TheOrigional Feature green flag will be � way down front straight of way. Jumping a Green Flag penalty is$500 and 25 point fine. This will be announced by PASS at the time of the infraction.


a. When the green flag is displayed by the starter at the beginning of the race, cars must maintain position until they have crossed the starting line.

b. All restarts will be made, after the green flag is displayed, at a designated position on the race track to be made known to the Competitors in the pre-race drivers meeting. The first place car will determine the restart.

c. A one-to-go signal will be shown to the drivers a lap before the start or restart of the race.

d. PASS Officials may make special rulings on starts or restarts for any race, as deemed necessary (i.e., a yellow flag could mark the start or restart of a race.)

Pit Entry Flag

A pit entry flag person stationed at the entry to pit road(s) will show a green flag when, at the discretion of the PASS, the cars may enter pit road. Any car entering pit road before the green entry flag is shown will be placed at  the rear of the field before the one-to-go signal is given.

Yellow Flag:
        * Caution

e. Cars returning to the track from pit road or the pit area must wait for the rear of the field in line behind the caution vehicle, then fall in line.

f. Once the condition that necessitated the caution period is corrected, the field will be given a crossover signal by the starter, at which time the cars, beginning with the first in line, will line up two-by-two as follows: first car in line - inside front row, second car in line - outside front row, third car in line - inside second row, etc. This procedure includes lapped cars.

g. Cars may not pass the caution vehicle unless instructed to do so by PASS Officials. Cars passing the caution vehicle will be held by a PASS Official and placed at the rear of the field before the one-to-go signal is given.

h. Cars may not pass the caution vehicle unless instructed to do so by PASS Officials. Cars passing the caution vehicle will be held by a PASS Official and placed at the rear of the field before the one-to-go signal is given if possible or receive a 1 lap penalty.

i. Crewmembers are not permitted on the racetrack at any time, for any reason, while the cars are racing or during a caution period. The only time cars may receive service are when they are completely stopped in the pit or garage area. Penalty will result in a $$ fine and/or D.Q.

Red Flag:   Race Stop

When the red flag is displayed by the starter, all cars must be stopped immediately, regardless of their position on the track. Cars may not move unless directed by a PASS Official. Absolutely no repairs or service may be made while the race is halted due to a red flag. All work in progress must stop on any car in the pits or garage area, unless the car has been withdrawn from the Event, when the red flag is displayed and may not resume until the yellow flag is displayed marking the end of the red flag period. Any car which has work done to it under red flag conditions will be subject to a lap and/or time penalty. Failure to comply after one warning by a PASS Official or designate will result in disqualification from the Event.

Red Flag with Yellow Cross:    Pit Closed Flag

After a yellow flag has been displayed and the race is under caution, a pit entry person stationed at the entrance to the pit road(s) will display a red flag with a yellow cross which indicates the pit road is closed. Once the caution vehicle has entered the track and is positioned in front of the lead car and passes the entry to pit road, the pit entry person will, at the discretion of the Competition Director, wave a green flag indicating the cars may enter pit road. Any car entering pit road prior to the entry green flag shall be held by a PASS Official and placed at the rear of the field once the one-to-go signal is given.

Blue Flag With Orange Stripe:   Passing Flag

The blue flag with a yellow stripe indicates that faster traffic is approaching the cars being signaled. The cars being shown this flag must yield to the overtaking traffic.

Black Flag:    Report to Pits Immediately

The black flag means the car must proceed to the pits immediately to report to a PASS Official at the car's pit area. The car may be able to return to the race, at the discretion of a PASS Official. Once the black flag is displayed to a car, the driver has three laps to report to their pit area. Failure to do so will result in the car no longer being scored and/or other penalties. PASS Officials may use a blackboard indicator in lieu of, or in addition to, a black flag. The blackboard will show the number of the car being black-flagged.

 White Flag:    One Lap to Go

The white flag means the leader has started their last lap. If a yellow flag is displayed during the white flag lap, cars will be scored on the basis of how they cross the finish line, should the yellow and checkered flags being displayed simultaneously. Once the yellow flag is displayed drivers are expected to maintain a reasonable speed in consideration of the conditions. The Competition Director reserves the right to make a judgement call on a "reasonable speed."

Once the white flag is displayed, no car on the track may receive assistance. Violation will result in the car not being scored for that lap.

 Checkered Flag:    End of Race

The black and white checkered flag means the race is complete. The first car to complete the required distance will be the winner. Once the checkered flag has been shown to the leader, the rest of the cars will receive the checkered flag. Finishing positions will be determined by the most laps traveled in the least amount of time. All cars that start the feature race and complete one lap will be included in the final official rundown. The top three finishers in the feature race must bring their car to the designated Victory Lane area and remain there until released by a PASS Official.

Special Flags:    At the discretion of PASS Officials, special flags may be used in a race, but must be explained at a pre-race drivers meeting.

20.7    SCORING
    a.    Each team will be scored with an electronic transponder (or alternate method if necessary) issued or approved by PASS. All transponder serial numbers must be registered with a PASS Official when registering for the event or passing Tech. All races will be “Time Scored”. At tracks with infield pit roads, The normal distance of 150 green flag laps will be scored and include additional yellow flag laps in the races total length. (Note: 150 green and 40 yellow flag laps = 190 laps race distance scored). At Tracks with no pit road on the infield, or where infield pit roads are not used, Yellow flag laps will not be scored after the Pace Vehicle picks up the field and has crossed the start finish line for the 1st time. The pit road will be opened at that time and cars can exit the track but must not pass the Pace Vehicle. At all tracks a PASS Official under caution will display a green flag for open pit road or red flag for closed pit road as close to the pit entrance as possible. No pitting under a closed pit Pitting early( Red Flag displayed) penalty is re-starting at rear of the field.

b.    The PASS Official appointed the Official Scorer for an Event is responsible for scoring the Event. The decisions of the Official Scorer, with respect to scoring, are final unless the Official Scorer elects to conduct an audit of the Event scoring, or when the Official Scorer is requested by a driver or crew chief who has competed in the Event, to conduct an audit of the Event scoring.

c.    Any Tampering or falsifying of the scoring System will result in an automatic Disqualification of Car, No points or monies will be awarded. The Head Scored is the only authorized person allowed to Re-Adjust a finishing order and deem the Race as Official.

d.    PASS owned transponders must be returned upon completion of race event.

20.7.1     Scoring Audit Procedure

A driver, owner, or crew chief asking for a scoring audit must do so, in person with the Tech Director within 30 minutes after the declaration of the finishing order by PASS Officials. The finishing positions declared will not be considered official if an audit is requested until the results of the audit are announced.


All penalties imposed by PASS Officials for violation of PASS Rules and Procedures will be determined by the nature of the violation. Considerations in determining penalties will include, but may not be limited to: the effect on the fairness of competition, the effect on the structural integrity and safety of the car and other Competitors, the orderly conduct of the Event, the effect on motor-sports in general, and the effect on the interests and/or image of the PASS and/or the promoters of the Event. Penalties may include, but are not limited to, one or more of the following: disallowance of qualifying times and/or finishes; withdrawal of the acceptance of the Official Entry Blank for the Event; disqualification; suspension; fines; loss of championship points and/or finishing positions.

The following guidelines may be considered when penalties are being imposed in the situations described. The actual penalty may be greater, depending on the scope of the violation.

20.8.1     Conduct of Competitors

a.    Any public use of profane or offensive language by any Competitor during any PASS Event may result in a fine and/or penalty.

b.    Any Competitor who participates in an act or actions deemed detrimental to motor-sports or to the PASS or to the Promoter is subject to a $100.00 fine and/or other penalties.

c.    Any Competitor who signs a track or PASS release sheet for another Competitor is subject to a $100.00 fine and/or other penalties.

d.    Any Competitor who assaults or threatens a PASS Official or persons serving under the direction of a PASS Official are subject to a $500.00 fine and/or other penalties.

e.    Any Competitor who, while participating in a PASS Event, is under the influence of alcohol or any illegal substance is subject to disqualification, a $500.00 fine and/or other penalties.

f.       Any Competitor who participates in fighting at a PASS Event is subject to a $250.00 fine and/or other penalties.

g.    Any driver or crew chief who is not present to answer when their name is called at a pre-race driver/crew chief meeting and any driver who is not present at pre-race driver introductions may be fined and/or relinquish their starting position in the Feature race.

20.8.2 Race Procedures

a. Any Competitor who intentionally causes or attempts to cause a yellow flag by stopping, spinning out or other action will receive a 1 lap penalty.

b. Any competitor changing tires in a feature race that is not flat or authorized to do so by a PASS Official will receive a 2-lap penalty per tire unless it is announced by PASS in the Driver’s meeting.

c.    Any driver that does not obey the flag rules is subject to a lap or time penalty and/or other penalties.

d.    Any car that is not in the line up for the race when called to staging, will forfeit the position and be placed at the rear of the field. After a race line up is posted, open positions will be filled by pulling up the next car in line. No re-crossovers.

e.    Any car that is not in the line up in the pre-race staging area for the Heat Races will start at the rear of the field. Cars that do not make the line-up for their heat race will start at the rear of the field in the consi, if any.

f. In a situation where a car has a driver change during the Event, PASS Officials must be notified and approve. Failure to do so will result in a fine and/or other penalties.

g. After a re-alignment under caution, competitors must cross over when given the signal by PASS Officials or pull to the rear of the field. Failure to comply is a 2 position penalty per spot at conclusion of the race event.

Heat Position    Heat Race Points
        1                                 5
        2                                 4
        3                                 3
        4                                 2
        5                                 1

20.8.3      Inspections

a.    If an PASS Official requests an inspection and the Competitor fails to tear the car down as requested, the car will be disqualified from the Event and the driver and/or crew chief may be subject to additional penalties.

b.    If any car or related equipment that have competed in the Event and are subject to inspection do not report directly to the inspection area once the race or time trial is completed, the car will be disqualified.

c.    If anyone touches the car or components before the inspection process is complete, unless directed by a PASS Official, the car will be disqualified.

d.    Sunoco Race Fuels is the official PASS fuel and only fuel allowed in competition.

20.8.4     Car Parts & Equipment

a.    Any car parts and/or equipment that are deemed not to meet the specifications of the PASS Rules may be confiscated and a Competitor(s) associated with the race team may be fined and/or penalized.

b.    Any Competitor who fails to surrender a part requested for confiscation by a PASS Official is subject to a fine and/or penalty.

c.    Any Competitor who, during an Event, uses or is in possession of one (1) or more tires that have been alteredexternally or internally by unauthorized treatment is subject to a fine of not less than $500.00 and disqualification, and/or disallowance of qualifying efforts, and/or withdrawal of the opportunity to qualify for the Event, and/or suspension from future PASS Events, and/or additional penalties.

20.8.5    Payment of Fines

a.    Any fines levied during an Event should be paid to the PASS. All unpaid fines may be collected by deducting the amount from the purse or point fund earned by the car the Competitor is affiliated with at the time of the action for which the penalty is being assessed. Fines must be paid before the Competitor can enter another PASS Event. Unpaid fines may be considered grounds to refuse entry to subsequent Events.

20.8.6      Appeal Process

 Any Competitor who has been fined during an Event and wishes to appeal must file a protest, in writing, with the Promoter of the Event within 24 hours of the notification of the fine.

20.9       PROTESTS

20.9.1       General Procedure

A PASS driver, owner, or crew chief with a valid PASS license may protest any action they believe is in violation of PASS Rules which they feel has given another PASS Competitor an unfair advantage. The protest must be made in writing within 20 minutes after the checkered flag is displayed signifying the completion of the race or after official race results are posted. The protest must be presented to the PASS Tech Director or Race Director. Each separate protest shall be accompanied by a $200.00 protest fee. The PASS Tech Director or Race Director shall decide if the matter is protestable. The protest shall be decided as promptly as possible and the parties shall be informed of the decision. Should the PASS Tech Director or Race Director decide the matter is not protestable, that decision is final and non-appealable. The $200.00 protest will be returned if the protest is sustained.

20-9.2       Matters Not Subject To Protest

Protests will not be accepted that are challenging or questioning the decision of an PASS Official or other Supervisory Official on any subject including, but not limited to, scoring decisions, inspection decisions and race procedure decisions.

20.10 Appeals

Will settled by PASS owners by the next race meet or asap.


a.    All prize monies are payable based on the terms stipulated on the Official Entry Blank. In the event of a protest, the prize monies will be withheld by the Promoter pending the result of the protest.

b.    Prize monies for each Event will be payable to driver, unless otherwise directed, in writing prior to the Event, by the car owner. The payee is solely responsible for any settlements incurred and payable by them in connection with the Event.

c.      Certain contingency programs and/or other special awards may be payable directly by the supplier. The PASS is not responsible for payment of such awards in any way.


20.12.1      Points

a.      Points will be awarded to the driver and to the car owner based on the final official finishing order as follows:

Finish Position Championship Points
1 120
2 118
3 116
4 114
5 112
6 110
7 108
8 106
9 104
10 102
11 100
12 98
13 96
14 94
15 92
16 90
17 88
18 86
19 84
20 82
21 80
22 78
23 76
24 74
25 72
26 70
27 68
28 66
29 64
30 62

Additional finishing positions will see points awarded by decreasing increments of two (2) per position.

"B" Main features will award points continuing from where Main Feature leaves off.

b.    All drivers and car owners that attempt to qualify and are registered PASS drivers will each receive 100 bonus points. Only one driver per car will receive these bonus points and that must be the same driver who is in the car from the start of the pace laps until after the car completes its first scored lap. Otherwise, these bonus points are forfeited. A driver cannot receive points for more than one (1) car in the race.

20.12.2      Point Funds

The total monies for the PASS point fund will be paid to the car owner. Payment will be made at the annual Awards Banquet with date and place to be announced on or prior to the conclusion of the season. In all PASS Divisions competitors must participate in 100% of the races to be eligilble for point fund monies.


Competitors will be determined eligible for applicable bonus awards providing their car is displaying the decal in a designated spot and/or using the product of the sponsor of the program. A PASS Official will provide the required decals in the tech area. Competitors are responsible for having them affixed to the car in their proper location. Failure to do so will result in applicable awards being forfeited. Complete details of such programs will be furnished as available, before the Event for which they apply. Some programs may be paid direct to the Competitor from the sponsor. In such cases, the PASS is not liable in any way for the awards.